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Creating more recognizable VuMarks

November 20, 2017 - 2:23pm #1

I can create 2.5" by 2" image targets using https://shawnlehner.github.io/ARMaker/ that can be recognized at the distance I need for my application, about 21" with a fairly wide angle view.

I want to create a VuMark of the same size that I could use instead of having to create many different Image Targets.

I've tried a creating a couple of different 2.5" x 2" VuMark designs with 38 code elements (white diamonds on a black background). I haven't been able to design a VuMark that will be recognized at much more than half the distance than the ARMaker Image Targets.

I've noticed that not all 5 star image targets are the same. Online, I can preview the feature points in the Target Manager for Image Target databases. I don't know how I'd go about making a more easily recognizable VuMark. Any tips?

- Border shape? Square vs rectangular border? Some other shape styles? (I'm using rectangular, adding an assymetric element to one corner)

- Increasing the number of code elements?

- Different code element shapes or sizes?

- Graphics within design area? (Assuming not used for VuMark identification)



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