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deactiveate VuMark Scan

September 15, 2016 - 9:25am #1



I am trying to implement an application with two modes in Unity:

- one for ObjectTargets

- one for VuMarks


I am switching between those modes with a simple GUI Button. By pressing this button I deactivate the actual Element and activate the other one with setActivate  (so if I am in the ObjectTargetMode I deactivate all my ObjectTargets and activate my VuMarks; and vice versa in the VuMarksMode I deactivate the VuMarks and activate the ObjectTargets). This works fine with the ObjectTargets but not with the VuMArks. Also if the VuMarks are deactivated, they will be (re)activated if recognized. Is there any possibilty to avoid this?


Do you have any idea?



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