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Incorrect display of prefabs for different VuMark instances.

March 12, 2018 - 8:04am #1


I'm developing an app for HoloLens using VuMarks.

I have three different VuMark instances of a same VuMark Template, and I want to show different prefabs when scanning each instance (not simultaneously).

I have a VuMarkHandler script similar to the one that comes with the "Vuforia Core Sample". I check the VuMarks IDs on the "OnVuMarkDetected" method.

The first VuMark instance shows always correctly its corresponding prefab, the problem is that when I scan a second instance it also displays the same first element again, but this time duplicating the object.

I tried to put 3 prefabs under the VuMark GameObject and enabling/disabling them depends on witch one you scan, but I read in other thread that it's better to create them at runtime. I also tried that and In both case I have the same incorrect result and I don't understand why.

Any ideas of what is happening?




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