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Keep only 1 VuMark Active with Enabled Extended Tracking

March 8, 2017 - 5:36am #1

Hello again, 


I'm using VuMark to show a menu that shows different information depending on what VuMark ID is scanned. My problem is that if I scan 2 differnet VuMarks sometimes it shows me 2 menus and I don't know how can I setup to show only once with Enable Extended Tracking  on .  If i disable Enable Extended Tracking it will show me only one MENU.

Is there any event or setting that could help me out by setting to have only one VuMark visibile ? 

- Till now I did

-> Max Simultaneous Tracked (Images/Objects) is set on 1 

->  Got VuMarkManager and try to disable from AllBehaviours that I don't want to be visibile (but that has the chance to start new bugs)


Any suggestions regarding to this issue ? 

Thank you


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