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Need help designing a VuMark

December 19, 2018 - 8:41am #1

Hi guys,

I have ripped all the hair from my head trying to design a working VuMark. I've made 6 designs so far which all passed the test within VuMark Designer in Illustrator and each one of them failed during upload to Target Manager. I have thoroughly read all the Vuforia guides and at this point I no longer know if it's some kind of joke or I am just plain stupid. 

Now I'm in desperate need for help. I need someone who will design a working VuMark containing the graphic I attached to this post. Name your price. I just want to pay someone to do it and get rid of this problem from my life. Please help, I'm in extreme pain.

Thanks in advance!


PDF icon 25_stegu_logo.pdf1.6 MB
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