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Problems with the Illustrator script and example files

February 10, 2017 - 8:17am #1

Hi there,

i have here same strange problem.

First i made a VuMark with the Illustator script.

Run the setup script. Create the marker but getting on verify allways errors.

Then i use the Chateau example and used it as template. Everything works fine all got veryfied and in the target manager it is listet as "Activ".

But aufter downloading the unity package, open the VuMark example scene and set my created dataset to active, downloaded some markes from the target manager... not one single one got recognized.


Maybe i made somewere a misstake.

Back to Illustrator and run the setup script. Then i pasted all my layers from the example file Chateau, which got veryfied, but got again an error by verifying again.


In the Screenshots, you can see, that bothe files have exactly the same elements.

The Chateau gets veryfied and activ in the target manager but is not recognized in the android build or in the editor via webcam.

The OwnMarker gives me now only this error messange. VuMarks_Error.jpg

Can someone tell, what's the f***** problem with the setup script and the examples?

Is there anything that is working what i can reproduce?




Image icon Chateau_Marker.jpg121.81 KB
Image icon OwnMarker.jpg462.81 KB
Image icon VuMarks_Error.jpg13.21 KB

Problems with the Illustrator script and example files

February 20, 2017 - 10:08am #2

Follow this tutorial: https://library.vuforia.com/articles/Training/VuMark-Designer-Tutorial


Keep verifying at every step,  my problems were with scale of elements and size of borders.  Just keep scaling them up.  Or down.

The rest of the document tells you how to export and to make the instance.


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