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[Q] Can we have our FrameMarkers back?

December 27, 2016 - 4:37am #1

I understand you're proud of your VuMark development. Surely they're better in every respect than framemarkers? Billions of combinations instead of just 512, polygonal in any shape instead of just square, binary pattern integrated with the branding?

But they're worse in one respect. What was so brilliant about framemarkers was that they were excellent for quick experimentation: just print a couple of the 512 provided framemarkers and you could see whether your idea worked. A framemarker could always be replaced by something more aesthetically pleasing.

VuMarks by contrast are just a complete pain to set up. Using Illustrator, dozens of ways in which you can wrongly design the things, uploading to the portal, finding out it doesn't work, starting all over again...

Can we have the framemarkers back? It will help to keep the threshold for Vuforia adoption low.


// Tom


[Q] Can we have our FrameMarkers back?

January 5, 2017 - 4:16am #2

Not to mention that there are apps already on the market that are using this aproach! This is amazing, that there has been no information that this will be discontinued. Where can I get the 6.1.17 release anyway?




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