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Transparency area in VuMarks?

January 19, 2017 - 6:54pm #1


I'm currently working on an AR app which could benefit if VuMarks allowed for a transparent area in them. I'm working on augmenting fairly big (around 10cmx16cm) store price tags. I have limited space to work with, and putting small 2-3cm tags doesn't look nice and they're not tracking very well and the augmented content is stuttering around if the distance is more than 40cm.

If i could have a designated transparent area that vuforia simply ignores, i could use the whole price tag, using up the actual borders as the vumark borders, and place the code elements strategically around the whole thing, using the space more effectively, and probably getting better tracking at bigger distances.

Is something like this already possible or in the works? Seems like it can be really useful.

I tried making such a vumark, but the clear region automatically covered the transparent space when i tried to verify in Illustrator.

Thanks in advance.

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