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Vumark Based augmentation

March 15, 2020 - 10:48pm #1

Hello I want to develop an application where my device scans a QR code placed on a 3D-object and want to superimpose 3D look alike Model over it. Although I tried to do the similar process through model target detection and was successful with it.

I want to do similar operation but with qr code detection.I have searched over Vuforia tutorials and came across vumark detection which is similar to QR code but,all i found was showing model/information over the Vumarks is there any possible way where i can scan a vumark and a respective 3d model loaded is superimposed over the real 3D object ? Here Vumark will be sticked on the real life 3D object .

3D object here can be a working engine of a real car or some other complex industrial instruments having similar scale that of a car engine.

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