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Vumark can't be used

January 17, 2017 - 3:29am #2

hello everyone!

i want to share with you a little problem i have with the VUmark i made

(it"s 10 string 98 objects)

it's passed the verify test and seems like everything is all right

sadly it can't be generated in unity (you get a blank object instead the vumark picture)

and it can't be identify by the  hololance.

if any one of you ever solved this kind of problem can you guid me

thank you very much!


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Vumark can't be used

January 20, 2017 - 5:23pm #1


Can you confirm that the VuMarks provided with the sample app work? If so, I would suggest replacing our VuMark database with yours and then testing again.

Also, I recall that there is a Unity bug with 5.5.0f3 when importing VuMark databases that the preview images are not being displayed correctly. Regardless, this will not affect the detection and tracking of your Vumarks.

Lastly, if you cannot get them to work on HoloLens, I suggest that you troubleshoot your VuMark design on a mobile device just to eliminate any see-through eyewear issues.


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