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VuMark Total Usage

November 14, 2016 - 1:34am #1
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Dear people from Vuforia,

Currently I am working on a project application that uses the Vuforia VuMarks, for this project we purchased a VuMark Classic license.

I have created the marker with the illustrator template file and downloaded multiple instances with the Vuforia Target Manager. 


During the project demo it became clear that the marker should be changed, so I designed a new marker and uploaded it.

The license manager displays now that the license is for 33% in use (because of the demo marker).

This means I can't generate 100 diffrent instances of  the final marker. 


Is there a way for me to remove the old demo VuMark that uses 33% of my license?

I hope that you could help me out here.








VuMark Total Usage

November 21, 2016 - 6:05pm #2

The license is good for 100 VuMark Instance Generation requests. You can only delete failed VuMark templates from a database. Once a license is depleted of instance requests, you will need to create a new license or upgrade to a Pro license.

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