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VuMark Unity Example location

December 7, 2016 - 6:38am #1

Hello, does someone know where can I find the VuMark unity example, I'm trying to make a project for HoloLens and It seems I can't find it anywhere.


Can someone guide me. Thank you 

VuMark Unity Example location

December 8, 2016 - 3:24am #3

I've managed to make it work, I've deployed it on HoloLens and not an emulator. And I get the detection and the other information needed

In case the applicaiton faills at -> Vector3 camPosition = cam.transform.InverseTransformPoint(worldPosition);

It might be because in Unity the Camera doesn't have any tag added (undefined) and you need to change from undefined to MainCamera



Did someone manage to send informations from VuMarkHandler to VuMarkEventHandler ? Like image/text/id ? And can tell me how did he manage? 


VuMark Unity Example location

December 7, 2016 - 8:41am #2

Hello again,


As a quick update. I've manage to find the Vumark Example (it seems like now is in one package the Sample one). I think I manage to setup it correctly to work on Hololens. So what have I done beside loading the Vurmark example project.


- I've made the Target Database and download the unitypackage (Download Database in the Target Manager) and also generated the VurMark File.

- I've added Camera object which I added to -> ArCamera (together with the App license key of course) at Digital Eyewear Behaviour (Before I've changed the Eyewear Type to Optical See - Through and see Throught Config Hololens )  and at the Central Anchor Point -> I've added the Camera (which I've added before, and I've added with drag & drop)

- At the AR Camera at Database Load Behaviour I've checked my Database and unchecked the other one 

- I've imported in the database and change and changed in the Vumark (At Scene -> Vumark -> Inspector -> VumarkBehaviour) to use my Database with my Template

- After wards with the Build Settings I've followed the normal steps that are mentioned for HoloLens. 


And my problem is when I run it on emulator I get a message -->> Failed to initialize Vuforia because this device is not supported.

Could someone guide me what am I doing wrong ? 

Thank you, and I hope who starts having fun with HoloLens and Vuforia the step above will help him setup a bit at least the project hehe


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