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VuMark Upload Failing with Verification in SVG

August 8, 2017 - 6:28pm #1


I've read through most of the VuMark 'My VuMark fails when I upload it to the Target Manager even though it passes the verification scripts.' And it seems like the answer is always 'The border and clear space must be compound paths.'


Well both my border and clear space are compound paths, and my vumark is passing verification. Another strange thing though is that the Illustrator VuMark-Export script doesn't hide the Verification layer when it exports the svg? I'm assuming something's going wrong here. I've attached a screenshot of the svg that the exporter script generates, and as you can see it's not hiding any of the verification layer. Even if that's not the problem, it still fails when uploaded to the Target Manager.


Any help would be appreciated!

Image icon FoxtailSVG.png65.39 KB
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