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VuMark VWS

May 7, 2020 - 8:57pm #1


I am trying to use VWS API to generate instances of VuMarks, but I have a couple questions:


1.  I've read that I need to purchase PRO license in order to utilize VWS, can anyone confirm this? (I am trying to write up the code in c# based on the documentation for VWS but the documentation itself isn't necessarily clear and based on other discussions, I can't test this in Developer License)

2.  It doesn't seem like I need Cloud Recognition Services in order to utilize VWS, is that correct? All I would need to do is buy the PRO license, create a database type 'VuMark' in the Target Manager, and request to that database using the access key and secret key?

3.  Is there a way to provide/create additional fields inside each VuMark instances? For example, I see that the request-body in VWS has a field for 'instance-id', but I'd like to potentially add more information such as name, age, etc...

4.  Based on the documentation provided by the link provided below, the method / URL to creating an instance is "POST https://vws.vuforia.com/targets/<target-uuid>/instances". What is the <target-uuid>? Would it be the database name in Target Manager?



Thank you.

VuMark VWS

May 8, 2020 - 2:38am #2


1. Yes, Pro license is required.

2. You are correct, no Cloud Reco is required for VuMark/Generation

3. No, adding arguments to it, will probably result in a InvalidAcceptHeader error. ( elaborate below on a possible workaround)

4. Based on my understanding, you access the db with the secret keys and than the target uuid would be the Target Name inside the db. Check also our code snippet.

https://developer.vuforia.com/downloads/samples -> Under Vuforia Web Services -> download the Python code examples


If you want to add other details to an instance, specific to it, it could be done with playing with the metadata from the VuMark template and than running additional code.

1. Create a VuMark that has:

- VuMarkID capable to contain the id as in first column of the table

-  build an app that retrieves the corresponding row of the DB, based on the VuMarkID read from the actual printed instance, so e.g. a requestURL could look like: https://myInfoLookUpDatabase  /query&requestID=abc2 - when the VuMarkID="abc2" is read from the VuMark.

2. set-up a database containing the metada in a table, where each row contains:

|| VuMarkID |    link #1   |    link #2     |    160 char text    |    link #3     ||

||      abc1     |     link a1   |    link b1     |    text a1b1c1      |    link c1      ||

||      abc2     |     link a2  |     link b2     |    text a2b2c2      |    link c2      ||

||      .........     |    ........       |     .........        |    .................           |    .........         ||


Hope this helps.

Vuforia Engine Support

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