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3d model detection

How to detect 3D models in unity ? Instead of image i want 3D objects to be detected by the ar camera. Can anyone help me on this?

You cannot detect arbitrary 3D objects, but you can detect 3D objects made up of planar image targets (e.g. a cereal box).

thanks kim but cant we click the photos of a 3d object like a mobile phone which is similar to cuboid and create its trackable? Actually i have been trying this but whenever i try to upload the images for that it says low aspect ratio eventhough i am using 5 mp camera for the pics.

To track a cuboid object you'll want clean images of each side of the object to create a Multi Target. If it is something thin like a mobile phone you could try just tracking the prominent face and ignoring the sides.

hey kim, M trying to create a multi image target. and i have mailed you the images which are not accepted by the site since it says low aspect ratio plzz check the images.