QCARBehavior - World Center Mode issue...

Hello, I'm having an issue with the QCARBehavior script. I'm am attempting to set the World Center Mode to "User" and assign a tracker for it. However, when I hit play (or build for that matter) the World Center Mode resets to "Auto". Currently there are two Image Targets, one is supposed to be static, while the other can be manipulated in the 3D space that the static one provides. I did have this working earlier in the project. But then all of the sudden, this "reset" issue came up in my current implementation. Any thoughts? Unity 3.5 Vuforia v1.5.9 iOS Thanks n' yar. CapnJ

also having the same issue. tried the fix posted to no avail. "error CS0103: The name `GUI' does not exist in the current context" are there any other suggestions? thanks sorry GOT IT WORKING- just realized i needed to import the UnityEngine at the beginning of the script: using UnityEngine;


Sun, 04/08/2012 - 03:38

That error relates to the use of identifiers that aren't recognized in the current context. Be sure that you're incorporating the UnityEngine assembly ( i.e. using UnityEngine; ) if your script is in C#. If you are, then please post a code snippet of the code section that's throwing that error.