Use the Dev Guide to learn about specific features and how best to integrate these into your app.

Getting Started with the Unity Extension

The Vuforia AR Extension for Unity enables vision detection and tracking functionality within the Unity IDE and allows developers to create AR applications and games easily. Developers need first to obtain Unity Android and/or Unity iOS from Unity Technologies to use the Vuforia AR Extension. The Vuforia AR Extension is compatible with both Unity Standard and Unity Pro. Visit the Unity website  for further information about Unity and how to download it.

Developers who have already installed Unity can download the Vuforia AR Extension from Downloads or directly from the Unity Asset Store. See Step1: Installing the Extension for further details on each of these options.

This section guides you through the easy steps of:

  1. Installing the Extension
  2. Compiling a Simple Project

If you were part of the Vuforia SDK Beta program, please review the following sections of the DevGuide – Publish with Vuforia and Transition/Migration Guide.