Pre-10.0 Engine API documentation for Unity

August 2, 2021 - 8:12am #1


Please find the Unity API documentation for the pre-10.0 Engine release (v9.8) here:


Vuforia Engine Support

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GroundPlane tracking not working on Surface Go 3

Unity Editor
September 7, 2022 - 10:47pm #1
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Vuforia Ground plane tracking is not working on the Surface Go 3.

when I run the app It says "Ground plane feature require anchors to be available on the current platform".

Does Go 3 supports ground plane tracking?

ImageTarget feature works fine and as expected.


Environment :

Unity 2021.2.16f1

Vuforia 10.9.3


Any help is appreciated.

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scaling objects and orientation

Unity Editor
August 25, 2022 - 2:16am #1


when I place .stl files or .ply files via the model creator in Unity, the orientation is sometimes different and the scaling is 0.1 / 0.001 respectively.

Even replacing by hand or rescaling leads to improper orientation. 

What is the optimal workflow here? How to set the orientation best in the model creator, stricly on the base plate??

There is even a diffenrence between .stl and .ply import ? (see attached picture)

Thx for help


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How to select model targets in unity with c# script

July 26, 2022 - 8:05pm #1
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Since I have imported multi database, I know that I can switch the database in unity editor Inspector panel.

But I want to let user to decide which one they want to detect.

So how can I switch the database in C# script

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How do I make the animation start from the beginning when I move away from the image target and back

Unity Editor
May 26, 2022 - 9:06am #1


I am sort of new to Unity and Vuforia have been pretty good about figuring out my issues on my own, but this one has me stumped.

I am using Vuforia for my AR Camera and Image Target in Unity and how do I make the animation start from the beginning when I move away from the image target and back again?

When I move away from the image target and move back, the animation starts from where it was when I moved away from the image target.


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Failed to create ImageTargetObserver: DATABASE_LOAD_ERROR

Apple XCode
May 25, 2022 - 9:26pm #1

Xcode 13.2

MacOS Big Sur 11.6.5

IOS Device: Phone 6 (12.5.5)

Unity version: 2020.3.26f1

Vuforia Engine AR: 10.4.4


It's working ok when I directly build and run from Unity Editor

But currently we have the requirement for it to be plugged into IOS native app


I managed to launch the scene following this article


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Rotation, parent as camera, and forward vector with an AR camera

Unity Editor
May 13, 2022 - 7:35am #1

Hello to all,
I'm developing an phone app with the Vuforia package for AR in Unity.
I want to make a game objet follow a calculated rotation from touch input in addition to the camera rotation, so that it acts like a cursor to interact with the scene objects, following the camera.

I tried two setups using the midair placement components with the world origin set to the midair stage :

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Multiple BackCameras / external cam support

Unity Editor
May 7, 2022 - 3:58am #1

Can you switch between multiple rear cameras

Like a wide-angle camera added to the IPAD PRO 2021

Can I switch to this wide-angle camera

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Multiple instances of Vuforia on same machine

May 4, 2022 - 10:39pm #1

I have two HD Pro Webcam C920 connected to my Laptop, and I'm trying to run two Vuforia UWP apps at the same time, each using one of those cameras; this can be useful in some kind of Multiplayer game on the same machine.

I can run the apps one by one, and everything works fine; each takes the camera they should've taken and works as expected; But when I want to run them both, the second instance that runs always fails to start Vuforia.

Is there a workaround for this ?

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Unity Editor
April 25, 2022 - 8:43pm #1

Good day.

I created new project and add vuforia 10.6.3 on Unity 2021.3.1f1.

But even before any action it already points the following error:

Plugins: Failed to load 'C:/Users/jodoi/LowCostController/Library/PackageCache/com.ptc.vuforia.engine@f0b7b7833e83/Vuforia/Plugins/Windows/x64/FileDriver.dll' because one or more of its dependencies could not be loaded.

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