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AR objects are sticking to real objects in camera

Hi, We are creating a simple project in Unity with Vuforia.

We have an image-Target. After tracking is done, an object appear at left side far away from the target. The user have to turn his camera and find the object. After that he can walk to the object and walk around. (The target is not in camera view). We use extended tracking.

And everything was perfect on Sony xperia xz Premium and on Xiaomi Redmi note 7

On other devices (Redmi note 8 pro, Vivo v17, samsung galaxy a40) we have an issue. If somebody move his hand or body in front of the camera (the real person or object), the AR object sticks to it and moves with the real person in the view of camera. So, at the moment, we can manipulate with our hands in front of the camera with the AR object. And we don't need it. Because, if some body walks accidentally in front of the camera, the AR object sticks to them and everything is ruined.

Can somebody, please, tell us, what does affects the AR objects?

Thank you

(At gif preview: Left is good, right is bad)


Could you please confirm the SDK version?

Thank you.

Vuforia Engine Support


Unity ARCamera

the ARCamera in unity3d play on iphone 7 screen has black border, this is a image i upload, how can i solve this problem, and other iphones have no this problem


Could you please try our Core sample apps from Unity and let me know if this is reproducible?

If yes, please let me know the Vuforia SDK/Unity version and the OS version on the device?

Button per sequence

hi all,

I want to create a buttn that is bind to a specific sequence.

EX: If I press step 1 it will show the sequence 1 and the procedure.

If I press step 2, it will show the sequence for step 2.

Extended tracking for multiple image targets

Hi all,

Please help me to apply extended tracking for multiple image targets in video playback.

Image removed.


Issue : After enabling track device pose, multiple image targets are not getting this except first image

Could you help me for that issue....

Thank you.


Could you please let me know on which Vuforia version are you seeing this issue? Also on what device?

Extended tracking can be activated per target starting with 8.6.7. Make sure to to use the option "Extended Tracking" on the Target.

Thank you.

Webcam and Database Issues in Vuforia Configuration

Hi I am a new user of Vuforia and Unity. I am trying to create a very simple AR apps. Just like the AR tutorials showing on Youtube, but I have been suffering from two issues for more than 3 weeks. Tried to read many online forums or tutorials but still cannot find any clear solution.

1. My Microsoft LifeCam HD is working with another application like Adobe Animate Character, but Camera Device Option in Vuforia configuration cannot detect my webcam in Windows 10 v1803. It only can detect my built-in TV Anolog Capture.  I have tried the following methods, but still NOT WORKING at all. a. Tried both to install Unity 2018.2.3f1 and Vuforia 7-2-24 in C drive (OS drive) or another drive b. Tried to create Plugins folder in Assets folder and then drag and drop webcamprofiles from Programs Files folder into Plugins folder. Then edit the xml file. c. Even tried to copy and paste webcamproiles.xml into WebcamProfiles folder and then edit too. (like Assets > Editor > QCAR > WebcamProfiles) d. Even tried disable my TV Anolog Capture, still help nothing. This issue only happens with Windows 10 platform, but totally fine with MacOS platform. Why? What am I missing to do?

2. Cannot find Database/Dataset in Vuforia Configuration neither Windows 10 nor MacOS , but only this error message, “Databases will be automatically loaded and activated if its TrackingBehaviour is enabled on scene load.” As newbie, I really don’t understand what I should do. I find no online tutorial clearly help users to solve this issue.

Wondering that the version of Unity I installed is wrong or not? Should I go back to Unity 5 with 32-bit? Anyone can kindly give me a hand, please?


AR / VR Developer Needed UK

Vuforia users please take note.

We have a large amount of very prestigious AR and VR projects landing in our studios, this includes World famous sports clubs, international tourism destinations and Local Government work throughout the UK.

If you know Vuforia and preferably Unity Pro (other app software would be useful), and you get excited about developing innovative AR and VR apps, to push the potential to new limits - our team of designers and developers would love to welcome you to join them here in sunny Evesham.

Package would include the usual stuff; pay/experience etc. our new studio will have a pool table and a roof garden, situated smack in the heart of the town, above the coffee-shops, wine-bars and restaurants. The Areca Design studio is walking distance from the Railway Station and has free car parking.

If you are interested in finding out more, contact Managing Director, Mick directly on: 07887 621856 or drop a CV over to:


Looking for programmer AR project

Wanted  programmer for AR project in Italy. Collaboration can be done online.

Contact privately


Arabic text recognition

Hello every body,

Please ,Could any one help me ? I'd like to use arabic words in text recognition

.how can I do this with vuforia 6 ?Is there are any way to solve this big problem?

Is vuforia support arabic language ?

thank's in advance .

Hello Eman36Shaltout,

The following link contains a table with all the supported characters in Vuforia's Text Recognition feature: