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Access Studio Experience Service and ThingWorx platform

A registered ThingWorx Studio Pilot Program participant will receive an invitation email with all the necessary URL and credentials for login. For accessing the ThingWorx Platform and VES: 

  • For ThingWorx Platform (VES), it is recommended to visit the URL - https://<your-domain> 
  • To access the Vuforia Experience Service, URL - https://<your-domain>



ThingWorx Studio Missing Control Panel Application access in R1.7

The Control Panel application for R1.6 or lower had a security vulnerability issues and for this reason the control panel was removed from the Studio R1.7. In the meanwhile, we are trying to address these security issues.

The Recommended workaround till then would be to use Postman service to publish or delete a project. • Download and install Postman Application • CREATE a NEW Project by Publish project zip file:   1. Open the postman application   2. Under Postman Builder window, Select "POST" from the method drop-down list   3. In URL field, enter the url as ** https://<yourhostname>:<port>/ExperienceService/content/projects/ , replace hostname and port number accordingly. The default port for an experience service is 2019.   4. Under Authorization tab, Select 'Basic Auth' from the Type drop-down list. Enter the Experience Service Username and Password, and click update Request button.   5. Next to Authorization, under headers tab, enter 'X-Requested-With' in the key field. For value field, enter '^HXn4_uG3g@7u1Q-'   6. Under Body tab, select 'form-data' radio button.   7. In the parameter, define key as 'ThingExperience', select value-type as 'File' from the drop-down list that appears next to the value field.   8. Now, upload the project zip file that you wish to publish.   9. Click 'Send' button that appears next to the URL field. • UPDATE an EXISTINGproject, using PUT method:   a. Follow the instructions for publishing a zip file for a new project with the following modifications:   b. In step2: Select 'PUT' method instead of the 'POST' method.   c. In step 3: append the url as ** https://<Hostname>:<port>/ExperienceService/content/projects/<project-name> • DELETE a project, using DELETE method:   a. Select 'DELETE' method   b. Enter the url as ** https://<hostname>:<port>/ExperienceService/content/projects/<project-name>   c. Choose Basic Auth type under Authorization menu, add the user credentials and update request.

NOTE: ** If the Experience service is an older version, then replace "/ExperienceService" with "/VuforiaExperience"   The Experience Service console will be available in future release. The enhanced version would include features for better experience management. (features like list of published experiences, uploading project zip files, un-publishing projects and configuring public access)

Common Experience for Multiple ThingEntities

Using ThingWorx Studio, it is possible to create a Single Experience and get data from Multiple sources. It can also work as kind of Parametrized Experience, as requested at this post. Please follow the below steps: 


Step 1: Navigate to ThingWorx platform: • Create a ThingTemplate with BaseTemplate as 'Generic' and shape as 'Vuforia.VuforiaExperienceService.VuMarkEnabledShape'. If needed add properties to the template. • Create Thing entities with base template as the one created in the above step.   ○ Under properties, SET 'VuMark' property value to a specific ThingMark value.   ○ NOTE: If the ThingMark value is same for two different Thing entities (of a common base ThingTemplate), then scanning the ThingMark shows two experiences with the same name.   ○ Save the entities.


Step 2: Navigate to ThingWorx Studio: • Create a Studio project • Add a model, thingmark, label and a gauge widget. • Navigate through Configuration, Experiences:   ○ Under ThingMark Association drop-down, select 'Thing Template'   ○ Update the title   ○ For the template field, select the ThingTemplate created in the ThingWorx platform. • Navigate back to the project, bind the ThingMark parameter (under data section) to the appropriate ThingMark widget in the canvas. • Add External Data, select one of the Thing entity created in the Thingworx platform. Add the corresponding properties. • Bind the Thing (Application parameter) to the 'Dynamic Entity Name' of the Thing Entity (under External Data section). • Make sure the Experience service URL is correct • Save and publish the project.


Step 3: Scan the ThingMark: • When you scan the ThingMark, it shows the associated experience. The data displayed in the experience comes from the Thing which has the VuMark property value as the one we scanned.

Studio Recommended Process for Upgrading studio 1.5 projects

To Upgrade Studio 1.5 projects to ThingWorx Studio 1.6, we strongly recommend to follow the below procedure: 

Uninstall Vuforia Studio 1.5: • Exit the Vuforia Studio application • Copy the directories (VuforiaStudioEnterpriseExtensions and VuforiaStudioEnterpriseProjects) from <USERHOME>/Documents location to a temporary location. • Uninstall the existing Vuforia Studio 1.5

Install ThingWorx Studio 1.6: • Download the latest ThingWorx Studio 1.6 from Vuforia Download page • If Upgrading the 1.5 projects:   ○ Create 'ThingWorxStudio' folder under <USERHOME>/Documents   ○ Move the VuforiaStudioEnterpriseProjects/builder-settings.json file to <USERHOME>/Documents/ThingWorxStudio/   ○ Create 'Projects' folder under <USERHOME>/Documents/ThingWorxStudio/   ○ Move the projects under VuforiaStudioEntepriseProjects/ to <USERHOME>/Documents/ThingWorxStudio/Projects/   ○ Create 'Extensions' folder under <USERHOME>/Documents/ThingWorxStudio/   ○ Move the extensions under VuforiaStudioEnterpriseExtensions/ to <USERHOME>/Documents/ThingWorxStudio/Extensions/ • Install ThingWorx Studio 1.6 download file • Explore the new UI and other features

NOTE: HOME directory varies based on OS i.e., for Windows it could be D:\Users\user1 or on OS X, ~/

Troubleshoot steps for Failed Connection issues

If you come across an error where you can access Vuforia Studio but can't publish an experience with an error log: 

false 'Failed to upload the app to the Vuforia Experience Service. Error: socket hang up' undefined
{ Error: connect ETIMEDOUT 
[18:43:01] Could not contact the Vuforia Experience Service, verify the server is running. Error: connect ETIMEDOUT
[18:44:23] user disconnected
[18:44:23] user disconnected
[18:46:34] Using gulpfile ~\Documents\VuforiaStudioEnterpriseProjects\ENGINE\gulpfile.js
[18:46:34] Starting 'publish'...
[18:46:34] Zipping  dist/phone
[18:46:34] Finished 'publish' after 14 ms
[18:46:34] Starting Upload
[18:46:34] upload failed: { Error: write ECONNRESET
[18:46:34]     at exports._errnoException (util.js:1007:11)
[18:46:34]     at WriteWrap.afterWrite (net.js:793:14) code: 'ECONNRESET', errno: 'ECONNRESET', syscall: 'write' }
[18:46:34] false 'Failed to upload the app to the Vuforia Experience Service. Error: write ECONNRESET' undefined
[18:46:45] a user connected

To resolve the issue, make sure you follow the below steps: 

  • For the Pilot program user, we DO NOT recommend accessing/publishing experiences from a PRIVATE network with PROXY settings. Try accessing the app from a non-corporate/public/home network. For proxy configs, please check with your IT department to allow the Vuforia Experience Server (VES) IP address. 
  • CLOSE all the Vuforia Studio Project related files, directories etc., As it might conflict with the application. 
  • RESET/CLEAR the browser CACHE. Make sure you are using the correct username and password. We have seen people who copy/paste the password and include an extra space. 
  • Do not CHANGE the actual password provided by PTC at Welcome email. 
  • VERIFY the connection to the server is working by going to your server url directly: (see the URL in your email) it should open a page with the Vuforia Experience Service splash screen on it.
  • PORT BLOCK - possibility is that port 3000 is being used by something else OR is consumed by an old, running studio executable.  Check your task managers and kill all running Studio instances and start Studio again.  Try killing the Studio process from your Task Manager – make sure there is only one process running.
  • As a last resolve, try re-installing the Studio. 



Password changes vs. Updates

Please note that it's not recommended to change the Administrator's password in the hosted ThingWorx instance that comes with Vuforia Studio.

Changing the password might cause issues with receiving any further software updates for this particular instance.


Instead we suggest to create a NEW user and use it for publishing an experience or access VES. Please review the Tutorial on how to create a new user - Working with Thingworx (from 1 min 30 Sec). 

Vuforia Studio and *.obj files



does anyone know how to add *.obj file (with color *.jpg and texture - *.mtl) or convert it in Vuforia (ThingWorx) Studio? I am asking becouse many 3D scaners used *.obj as export file format. Thanks.




Dear Sirs, together with the welcome-Email for Thigworx-Studio, I also got an attachmend "" But this Zip-File is empty. There is no ThingMark in it. Could you please provide an ohter ThingMark for me, so that I can contiune with demonstrating this fastastic tool to my bosses.

With best regard Franco Zipperling

Dear Mr. Zipperling, 

Can you please make sure there isn't an issue while unzipping or extracting the zip file? Please try '7 zip' tool to extract. 

Dear Giri,


thank you very much for your help. 


Attached to this emai you'll find the zip-file I received and also some screenshots to explain what I did. At the end, 7Zip tells me that the ZIP-File is empty.


Franco Zipperling, 

Chances are few email servers doesn't accept the zip files. I'm attaching your thingmark files, please follow the attachment. 


Can't connect TWX studio with TWX

Hello, I have a problem.

I'm making a project using thingworx studio and thingworx with refering youtube guide. (link :

Almost things are smooth but connection with 3D Gadget and thingworx data is not good. The realtime data(thingworx Thing's property value) is not reflected.

I think the connection is correct. Actually I checked that the connection status was good about 2 weeks ago. When I changed the thing's property value, the 3D Gadget's value displayed it simultaneously at thingworx view(mobile app).

I attach some image files, please check them and help me.

thanks a lot.

Direct binding from a property might have a delay, did you try 'GetpropertyValues' service, set auto-refresh interval and bind the service to the widget?