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New to Model Targets? Check out our new how-to video!

Hello Vuforia developers!

Model Targets is one of our most powerful AR features that use the 3D model of an object for robust tracking. To help developers be successful with this feature our team produced a "How to Create Model Targets" video.

If you're new to Vuforia's Model Targets feature, please watch the step-by-step process and learn some useful tips for optimizing, recognizing and tracking your 3D models.

Good luck and thank you for your interest in Vuforia!

-Vuforia Engine Support

Dynamically Loading and Activating Datasets

Hello all,

With the launch of Model Targets and its restriction of only a single Model Target dataset being activated at a time, we have seen an increase in the number of questions related to loading and activating datasets programmatically.

I've attached a script to this post that provides two examples for doing this. One function within this script will de-activate all currently active datasets in your project and then activate the dataset given in the function's signature. The second function will directly load and activate a single dataset without de-activating any others. The script contains additional information about the process via in-line comments.

Please note that the file is attached as a .txt. You'll need to change the extension to .cs in order for it to work within your project.

Also note that the provided script is only meant as an example and not a comprehensive guide. For additional information on loading and activating datasets, please refer to the library and api documentation.


Vuforia Support

This helped me as even with having only one model target (and no other targets, not event the mars sample even present in the unity project) nothing got activated (licence, latest tools, everything checked). 

Only activating on load with your script helped :/.

Hi, is there anyone that has been able to replicate this code for Vuforia 10? I am new to vuforia and struggling to turn this example code into Vuforia10.
I'm having a lot of trouble trying to scale my project up from 1 model target to 3 (or even 2) to be detected one at a time.


Untrained Model Targets only supports the detection and tracking of a one (1) Model Target at a time:

Thank you for your help! I have gone over to using Advanced Model Targets, but still it doesn't seem like it is possible to recognize several model targets even though I just need to recognize one at a time.



I am wondering if maybe there is something I am missing in this definition of what is possible: What is the difference between tracking and detecting?



Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like the current implementation of Advanced Model Targets can meet your use case. When saying this, I'm referencing the following article:


I'm looking for a solution to load a dataset which was createt with the Model Target generator dynamicly at runtime from a webserver.

Is there any Example which solves a similar problem?

I'm using the unity SDK v.10.2.

Thank you in advance.


Fri, 11/05/2021 - 16:20

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Hello @pbfhnw,

Vuforia Engine provides APIs for this very use case, but there is currently no working sample code that we provide that demonstrates it.


Failed to load data set of ModelTarget


Vuforia Engine version: 9.8.13 Vuforia Engine Unity Extension Version: 9.8.13

Unity Editor Version: 2019.4.40f1 Windows 10 and HoloLens 1.

I've configured vuforia and MRTK to be used in the hololens.

i've tested both Image Targets and multi targets, on the hololens, and it works.

I've scanned a object and converted in the Model Target Generator desktop app, following the instructions of documentation.

When I import the "MXMaster2s.unitypackage" and using "model target" object in unity. The "MXMaster2s" dataset is selected, but when I run the app the only error that appears is this:

Failed to load data set MXMaster2s. UnityEngine.Debug:LogError (object) Vuforia.DatabaseLoadARController:LoadDatasets () Vuforia.VuforiaARController:StartAfterInitializationCompleted () Vuforia.VuforiaARController:Start () System.Delegate:DynamicInvoke (object[]) Vuforia.DelegateHelper:InvokeDelegate (System.Delegate,object[]) Vuforia.DelegateHelper:InvokeWithExceptionHandling (System.Action) Vuforia.VuforiaBehaviour:Start ()


Do I need to test even more the model?

Hey there,


I am very sorry but we don't provide technical support for deprecated versions or devices. I would recommend to check if the Model Target Generator is also on the same version as you're using.


Kind regards,

Patrick Scheper

oh i just checked but I'm using model target generator 10-13-3. not 9.8.

ill try again tomorrow and update the original post


Thanks so much!

Model Target not working on device but working on the webcam of laptop


Do you guys have any idea why the model target not working on device, but it works on the webcam of laptop? When we try to trace the object using the guide view, the 3d model not appearing. 


Thu, 02/09/2023 - 04:11

[quote=JohnCabs] [url=]geometry dash lite[/url]

Do you guys have any idea why the model target not working on device, but it works on the webcam of laptop? When we try to trace the object using the guide view, the 3d model not appearing .  

Dynamically attach 3d model on model targets via scripts

Hi, Is there a way to dynamically attach a 3d model prefab onto the detected *model target* via script? Awaiting your response. Thanks.

Hey there,


Yes. You could use the events from the Model Target Behavior which you could tie your runtime attachment of the 3D model. These events can be found within the behaviour.


Kind regards,

Patrick Scheper

Target Manager


Hey, it's my first time creating a multi target. I'm currently trying to upload images to my cuboid multi target, but when I try it just says that the upload failed. No specified reason. My images are 8 bit JPG, 15x15cm each, the cuboid dimensions are also 15x15cm on each side. What's going wrong? Can someone help me?


Please note that there are some requirements for image-based targets uploaded to the Target Manager. Per the following article:

The Model Target Generator


I am currently using MTG 10.9.3.

I am continually getting a 504 error during simplification:



Simplification failed with the following error:

Unspecified error during upload: 504 "upstream request timeout"

Do you want to restart simplification again?



I have restarted numerous time at this point.

I have also started from scratch again.

What is up with this?

Are your servers having issues?




Export Trained Database Issue


I updated MTG from 10.8 to 10.9.3.  I made new training database in it.  It trained successfully.  But once i click export button, only a zip file will be exported and without *.unitypackage.   And i can't unzip it. So How can i import it into Unity?


Multiple Model Target


Is multiple model target is possible or not. if not, there is any plan for that or any expected date.


Currently, the simultaneous tracking of multiple Model Targets is not supported.

There is no current roadmap for supporting this feature.

Kind regards,

Dave Downing

Vuforia Engine Technical Support

Problemi con download database

Buongiorno a tutti. Ho da poco iniziato ad immergermi nella A.R. ma ho già riscontrato un problema. Quando provo a scaricare il database mi viene fuori questo messaggio: "Non ci sono destinazioni attive selezionate per il download. Controlla lo stato dei tuoi target e riprova". E tutto attivo, il target e selezionato. Ho provato più volte a rifare il target e il database ma il problema sussiste da all'incirca una settimana. Chiedo a Voi un aiuto su come posso risolvere questo problema.


Good morning everyone. I have recently started diving into the A.R. but I have already encountered a problem. When I try to download the database I get this message: "There are no active destinations selected for download. Check the status of your targets and try again". Everything is active, the target is selected. I have tried several times to redo the target and the database but the problem has existed for about a week. I ask you for help on how I can solve this problem.

Have a good evening