Switching to the rear camera in unity editor


Good afternoon. I have a laptop-tablet HP elite x2, which has two cameras. One in front, one in the back. I use Image Target. How can I switch from the front camera to the back camera in Unity Editor to display augmented reality? Is it possible to do this using the Vuforia API?

Load Model target from Url


I need to load Model targets (The .unitypackages from Model target Generator) dynamically from an url. I found this documentation https://library.vuforia.com/articles/Solution/how-to-create-and-load-targets-in-unity.html#image-target-loading but it seems to be outdated. In the picture below you may see that ObjectTracker and several others are not recognized. I am using Vuforia 10.2.5 . 

Since I am new in programming with C# and Unity, I would appreciate your help. Thanks!



Hey there,


You're looking at an outdated article. As you can see from the top of the article it says that there's a newer version.

Here's some links that can help:



I was wondering if there is any way to put autofocus in Vuforia 10 from Unity. The script that exists doesn't work for this version. And when I build for Android the quality is really bad.

Is there any way to solve this?

Thank you very much

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There's an article on the library that provides a snippet for auto-focus: https://library.vuforia.com/platform-support/working-camera-unity

I hope that helps! 


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Patrick Scheper

Running script when Object Target is detected?

Hello everybody.

I´m currently using Object Scanner in order to generate my .od files.My question is : how can i run a script when the object is detected?.I think there must be some kind of flag,when the object is recognized the first time.I would appreciate any help.

Creating a Teamviewer pilot a-like application

Hello everyone, as part of a project at my university i am trying to create an application where phone 1 captures the environment and stream it via UDP to phone 2. The second device should be able to create objects like free hand drawings (circles, arrows, .aso) which get anchored into the ar environment on phone 1. I am absolute beginner in ar development especially in Unity and Vuforia and wanted to ask if my intention is even possible to realise. If you have any guidances, tutorials or recommandations don't hesitate to let me know. I am reading a lot of related work to this topic but i can't find anything useful for the implementation. Have nice day, Konrad

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That is a large use-case, haha... I will write down some of my random thoughts down below:

ObjectRecoBehaviour obsolete in 10.0.12


I've just upgraded Vuforia in Unity 2020.3 to version 10.0.12 following the guide, but I find that the class ObjectRecoBehaviour is marked as "obsolete" so it still raises warnings.

This is the class explicitly stated in the guide to use, so it's weird to me. Is there any other class to use? Is it really obsolete?

Thank you!

Hey there,

You're completely right, the ObjectRecoBehaviour class is obsolete. I can understand this causes confusion. 

** URGENT ** What happened to the C++ API documentation?

Where did the C++ API documentation go??!


All of the links are broken.


The api doc page now just has a bunch of things about some C API.


Any existing bookmarks I had are all broken.


Everything was there YESTERDAY (7/28/2021).


Please fix urgently


We just caught this, as well, and are looking for ways to make it available again. The current version on the portal is strictly for 10.0.


Fri, 07/30/2021 - 15:21

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Good morning!  - thanks for the quick response.

Can you make that google drive link public?  It says I need to ask for access (which I did).




Apologies - an oversight on my part. I've updated the link so that it should now be public:


Sorry for the inconvenience.

-Vuforia Engine Support


Tue, 08/03/2021 - 15:25

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Got it -- thank you.


You should really consider keeping this available on the website.  v10.0.0 API is a major change (complete rewrite) and people won't migrate quickly, and will very likely need access to this documentation for some time.


Agree with your feedback.

Although it is not a perfect solution, we did republish the 9.8 API documentation to the library:



Vuforia Engine Support

Image recognition over a raw image


I would like to ask a question about my project. Right now, I am implementing a ROS communication between one of the ABB robots with Unity by the use of the ROS# package (https://github.com/siemens/ros-sharp). And instead of using a camera device connected to my computer (Windows), I would like to use the camera connected to ROS. I got a way of showing the camera that is running over ROS in the Unity environment, but I do not know how to implement the image recognition over it.

Is there a way of implementing the rendering from the "image target" over a sequence of raw images? or on the other hand, does Vuforia only recognize camera devices from the computer or from external cameras(https://library.vuforia.com/articles/Solution/external-camera.html)?

Thank you so much for your attention.


the one option could be the option that you already mentioned in the link in your post. This requires considerable  implementation work.

Vuforia API 500 Error

Hello. We are getting problem with Vuforia API, to uploading markers into Cloud based database.  When we uploading marker image using API call, we are getting 500 Server Error.  But the same marker is uploading without any problem from target Manager.  This is happening only few times(not for all marker).  Here is marker specifications:  Resolution - 1180x1775 (96dpi) Name - HEXY5lM3TyOnLl0C.jpg Size - 385Kb  Bit depth 24 We are not getting any message about the reason. Please help to understand what is the problem?

The issue happening on specific images(no idea what is difference).  I will send you one of them when will get that problem again. 


looking on the picture - it contains different gemetrical solids / prmitives in a table and text. Is the  whole picture (text with table and pictures of solids) the target or only the pictures for specific gemetrical solid ( prism ) is used as target?

Yes it is very strange. same image wihout any changes can be uploaded via developer portal. 
but with api call  it give 500 error. 
I will be able to provide the call function code later today.

Custom android vuforia drivers

Hello Vuforia Team,


I have a java android application in which I get YUV frames from another device and I want to parse those frames into Vuforia and use Unity.


I have gone through the following pages but I am not sure if the proper solution is by using this : vuforia-driver-sample-drivertemplate-x-x-x

or vuforia-driver-sample-uvcdriver-android-x-x-x






Could you confirm if that is doable and if the drivertemplate would work as long as the criteria are fulfilled: 

1)Frames from an image camera in one of the Vuforia supported formats (YUYV, NV12, NV21). 2)For each frame the 6DOF position of the camera when the frame was captured.


Also is there a Vuforia version which support both Stereorendering for Cardboard + Custom drivers?


Thanks in advance