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Cant donwload apk from unity


having this error

uses-sdk:minSdkVersion 22 cannot be smaller than version 23 declared in library [:VuforiaEngine:]


what should i do 




Hey there,


You need to target Android 23 or later when you receive this error.


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Patrick Scheper

Vuforia Engine Product Manager

String Vumark is recognized as hex


On developer portal i created new VuMark database with tupe string and created my vumark template.

Then make example images like on image 1. Then in Unity switch database to my (tried in example and in my project) and its showing that is string in unity when loooking into it - image 2  

and when run app and tried to scan Vumark it is readed as hex (in debug in script it has type set to hex) and in example app it show value like 0x000...... Any ideas what is wrong?


Vuforia Instant Image Tracking vs ARCore Image Tracking


Hello, we have a Unity ARFoundation mobile app, which is currently using ARCore image tracking on Android. We are not satisfied with detection capability compared to ARKit.

We switched to Vuforia 10 (alongside ARFoundation) for instant image tracking, but are not seeing better image detection and tracking than with ARCore.

Does Vuforia10 use the ARCore image detection and tracking (so, same behavior and performance), or does it use Vuforia’s prorietary image detection and tracking?

Thank you

Create Image Targets dynamically


Hey I'm using Vuforia in combination with Unity for my bachelorproject.

I am trying to create Image Targets dynamically by code. So created a local database, downloaded and imported in my project.

I can create Image Targets per hand but I want them to be generated by code.  


With this line I'm creating the targets. And it's the same like in the official tutorial by vuforia

foreach (var target in targetNames)             {                 var itBehaviour =                     VuforiaBehaviour.Instance.ObserverFactory.CreateImageTarget(vuforiaDatabase, target);                 itBehaviour.OnTargetStatusChanged += OnTargetStatusChanged;


My problem is, I am getting the following message:

Exception in callback: Failed to create ImageTargetObserver: DATABASE_LOAD_ERROR. UnityEngine.Debug:LogErrorFormat (string,object[]) Vuforia.Internal.Utility.UnityLogger:LogError (string,object[]) Vuforia.Internal.Utility.Log:Error (string,object[]) Vuforia.Utility.ExtensionMethods.DelegateHelper:InvokeDelegate (System.Delegate,object[]) Vuforia.Utility.ExtensionMethods.DelegateHelper:InvokeWithExceptionHandling<Vuforia.VuforiaInitError> (System.Action`1<Vuforia.VuforiaInitError>,Vuforia.VuforiaInitError) Vuforia.VuforiaApplication:VuforiaInitialized (Vuforia.VuforiaInitError) System.Delegate:DynamicInvoke (object[]) Vuforia.Utility.ExtensionMethods.DelegateHelper:InvokeDelegate (System.Delegate,object[]) Vuforia.Utility.ExtensionMethods.DelegateHelper:InvokeWithExceptionHandling<Vuforia.VuforiaInitError> (System.Action`1<Vuforia.VuforiaInitError>,Vuforia.VuforiaInitError) Vuforia.Internal.Core.Engine:InitOnCameraReady () Vuforia.WebCam:HandleFirstWebCamFrame () Vuforia.WebCam:<Init>b__33_0 (bool) Vuforia.Internal.Utility.VuforiaCoroutineUtility/<RunCoroutineWithTimeout>d__1:MoveNext () UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine:InvokeMoveNext (System.Collections.IEnumerator,intptr)

Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? Thx for your help :)



Need help with android apk


The program works fine when useing a webcam on the pc but when I put it onto a Samsung phone this is all that appears. Am I missing a setting somewhere how do I make the apk display the phones camera when I open it.


Sorry if this doesnt make much sense I am new to Unity and Zuforia


Can someone do the best image? (Challenge?)


Hey, I'm using a Cylinder Target and I took the following settings:

Diameter at top: 0.04m

Bottom diameter: 0.05m

Length: 0.045m

I've been trying to give this target an image file for some time now. But every time it had a rating of 0 out of 5 stars. I couldn't even get it to have at least 1 star.

My question therefore, does anyone know of any image file that still works wonderfully with such a small size? Or can someone even do it themselves and would send the image file?

I would be very happy about help!!

Getting image target to work on android


Hi, I have a problem when trying to track an image on android build. On the editor, things are working fine as expected. However in the build the image doesn't get tracked at all. On the android logcat I get the following error, AR Failed to load database 'Vuforia/VuforiaDatabase.xml'. Here is the versions and packages I'm using:

Unity Editor 2021.3.12.f1

ArFoundation 4.2.7

ArCore XR Plugin 4.2.7

Vuforia 10.11.3

In the player settings I have also Set Arm64, enabled ARCore in the XR Plug-in Management, and have Graphics API only on OpenGLES3. I've tried reinstalling the packages but the problem still exists. The image used is also 5 stars. So any help would be appreciated.

Image Target



I want to make an AR-App. So when you scan a QR-Code there will be buttons on the phonescreen where you can get informations from. 

So the problem i have is, that when i scan the QR-Code, the position from the camera changes so that the QR-Code isn't on the screen anymore, but the targets should be there. Is there a chance to build the targets in an other area then the image is? Or is that a problem because i move the camera to much?

Image target not showing object after its been loaded into the scene


Good afternoon,

I have an issue regarding my image target that doesn't show the virtual content that is loaded in runtime. The content is loaded after another image target is tracked. In screenshot1 after the FirstStep game object is tracked, it clones its child object "firstStep" and it makes it a child of CurrentPhaseImage game object. Unfortunately, after the CurrentPhaseImage is tracked the content isn't shown because it is positioned somewhere else even though it shows that its local position is (0,0,0) in relation to CurrentPhaseImage. Interestingly, the scene view shows me the object in the postition I programmed it to be, but the game view doesn't. Is it possible to load an object into the scene in runtime?

Thank you for your time.


VuMark-Export Script not working

PTC sponsors FIRST Robotics, I have 3 teams of kids that are in intense build for November competitions and they are DITW (Dead in the water) after dilligently following the VuMark tutorials, creating, verifying VuMarks but at the last step, export, the VuMark-Export script no longer works, puts up the error : Vuforia VuMark export error This document was not created with VuMark-Setup script.

Searching the forums, web, blogs, I found that this is a know issues since 2020, newer version of Adobe Illustrator (AI) don't work with the VuMark-Export Script. I can no longer get a legal copy of AI 2020.

PTC, please, I have 40 kids in a panick as the VuMark would help them with a large amount of match points. Can you please fix the uMark-Export Script. and/or open source all 3 scripts so someone else can fix them.  Really, if they are on your website they should work with legal copies of AI! BTW, we tried the example images and they to get this same error.


Adobe allows to install only 2021 version, as they no longer support older ones.

2020 is the last one confirmed to be working.

Actually, there is no legal and easy way to create VuMarks at the moment.

Hey there,


I've discussed the issue with the team, and we're taking it serious. It's a long overdue task to update these tools and it will be prioritized accordingly. 

I will update this thread moving forward.

Thank you for your patience... 

Hey there,


I wanted to update this thread that we're working on a fix and are focused on releasing it in one of our upcoming releases.


Kind regards,

Patrick Scheper

Vuforia Engine Product Manager

Hey there,


We updated our VuMark Designer support for Adobe Illustrator 2023 in our latest v10.13 release of Vuforia Engine!


Kind regards,

Patrick Scheper

Vuforia Engine Product Manager