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HoloLens 2 Area Targets Testing App not working


Hi, I've been trying to test an Area Target I created from a Matterport Pro2 scan on my HoloLens 2, but the Area Target Test App seems to be freezing. I'm using Unity 2021.3.4f1 with Vuforia 10.12.3, as well as the ATG 10.12.3. The HoloLens 2 is fully updated.


I've followed the stems in the link below and have succeeded in deploying the app, having it create the dataset folders, and then uploading the necessary data from the Area Target into these folders. Then I open the HL2 app and it shows that the dataset is loaded, but then when I say to activate the dataset, the loading wheel appears but freezes - as I see that this loading wheel's animation is just a rotation of the graphic during Update(), it seems like the app is freezing. Picture and Area Target are attached to this post as well.


Unfortunately I can't run this in debug mode from Visual Studio to figure out what's wrong because of having to upload to the LocalState folder, which gets overwritten when the app is deployed, unless there's a way to build this into the build itself? I was hoping to not have to go too deep into the code myself so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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Save to delete Editor>Vuforia>areatarget



The data folder in Editor>Vuforia>areatarget result in a large apk file size and use a lot of memory consumption.

When I delete the content in data folder, the apk file size and memory consumption are greatly reduce.

I believe these data are used for Previewing Model in the Editor.

So, is it save to delete these data before build?

Will deleting all the area textures make the area tracking less precise?





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It appears to be a problem that arises when you use an earlier version of Unity. Use Unity 2020.3 or later, please. If that's not the problem, I'd recommend starting a new forum discussion with further information. 

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Handset crash when PositionContentAtPlaneAnchor called


I'm using the plane detection samples and trying to bend them to my will...

when I call PositionContentAtPlaneAnchor(result) immediately on getting HandleInteractiveHitTest(HitTestResult result) from the planeFinder object, the GroundPlanePrefab instantiates fine as expected.

But when I hold that result as a variable (HitTestResult resultStashed) and then use that to call my second HandleInteractiveHitTestOnButtonClick(HitTestResult result)  method ( from the Update loop after a set time period ) it crashes the app on Android and iOS.  

Why might this be happening - the held variable is exactly the same. What is happening in PositionContentAtPlaneAnchor that might cause this ? 

It runs fine in the editor though. Just flatlines on the handset build.

any help much appreciated - the alternative is going back to ARFoundation, which is annoying as I prefer the Vuf.


Phone not showing Area Target Objects


I recently tried to build an AR app with Unity Engine using Area Targets. Image Targets works perfectly. When I build the app with Area targets, i can't see the objects I added in the scene. What could be the problem. I can see the Area Object in the editor. 

I have the same issue. My Unity is 2022.1.22f1, Vuforia 10.11.3. I am trying to build on a Samsung A51. The area target is tested. It works fine in the AreaTargetsTest app.

I have the same issue, since i had tried to build my project both on Iphone 14 pro and samsung galaxy s10 after I fininshed testing my area target, it doesn't work anyway. I wonder if I need to set any paraments?

E57 Data failed

Hello, when I import the E57 file, the following error will be reported. I don't know if there are any requirements for E57?



E57 processing: Validation of the E57 file failed. Check the validation report for details.

[ SUCCESS ] E57 shall contain one or more Data3D structures.

[   FAIL  ] 'cartesianBounds' field in Data3D structure shall be defined.

[ SUCCESS ] 'colorLimits' field in Data3D structure shall be defined.

[ SUCCESS ] 'cartesianX', 'cartesianY', 'cartesianZ' fields in PointRecord structure shall be defined.

[ SUCCESS ] 'colorRed', 'colorGreen', 'colorBlue' fields in PointRecord structure shall be defined.

[   FAIL  ] 'nor:normalX', 'nor:normalY', 'nor:normalZ' fields in PointRecord structure shall be defined or we need to be able to estimate the normals. To estimate normals each Data3D structure shall have associated images from exactly one scanning position through Image2D associatedData3DGuid field.

[ SUCCESS ] 'isColorInvalid' field in PointRecord structure must not be defined.

[   FAIL  ] E57 shall contain one or more Image2D structures that have either 'sphericalRepresentation' field or 'pinholeRepresentation' field.

[ SUCCESS ] 'pose' field in Image2D structure shall be defined.

[ SUCCESS ] Spherical images shall have minimal resolution of 4096x2048 and their width = 2 * height. Pinhole images shall have minimal resolution of 1024x1024 and must be square (width = height).

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Please note that not all E57 data is able to be used within the Area Target Generator. Which device does this data originate from? 


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Patrick Scheper

Vuforia Engine Product Manager


Android AreaTargetsTest App Data Location


For the Area Targets Tests App Data, in the official guide, it said put database in the following paht:


but actually there is no "com.vuforia.engine.AreaTargetsTest" folder in the "data" folder. It is in the "obb" folder. I tried to put the database in this path:  /sdcard/Android/obb/com.vuforia.engine.AreaTargetsTest/files/AreaTargetData/YourAreaTarget/

and nothing came out as well. I am using the latest version: Plealse help.

Unity Environment Setting



I am trying to create an simple area target as a demo in Unity3D, but I am new to app development. I have installed the Vuforia Engine 10+ to Unity3D, but I am not sure if the environment setting is correct for Vuforia AR, cause it is not shown in Unity3D's XR Plug-in. Can some one help?   



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I would highly recommend checking out our samples, especially the Core Samples, which show the project settings required. Please find the samples here:



Multiple Area Target




I have four pointcloud, that I created with an IPad Pro. I loaded the unitypackage and positioned them. I also created an MultiArea GameObejct and subordinated the seperate scans.

It is a longer hallway and there are text fields all over the scans. After trying my application on my cellphone, I regognized that the phone can only orientate in the Area Target, that I choose as World Center Mode for the ARCamera. In all the other scans my position can not be determined and the text fields are not on the correct positon.


Is it possible to make every pointcloud to the basic for orientation? That the cellphone can orientate and positioning in the entire hallway and use the envirement for position the text fields and not just one scan?


Hope that you understand my problem and help me as fast as possible.





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Are you saying that your app, with the MultiArea script, can only recognize and track 1 of the 4 Area Targets?

Also additional information such as your versions (platform, SDK, etc.) would be helpful.


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Yes, thats exacly the problem. Only the target that I selected as "World Center Mode" is recognized. But I want that all four Area Targets will use for tracking.

Can you help me with this?



I would be very grateful for a prompt reply. I need this response for continue my working and this is very important for the thesis at university!


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Yes, all four area targets are activated. And it could not be the problem with little features because there is enought to recognize.


Thu, 11/03/2022 - 07:13

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And in the console there isn't a error or warning. But I know that there sometimes was something that the target isn't obsesses or something like this. But at the moment the error isn't there.


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I'd be able to share a video of my current project with you. Please allow me 1-2 days to create that. I think that would be of help for you and others to see if there are any issues with your project, compared to mine.



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Going through my project again I wanted you to possibly check the status for all Area Targets. This can be done, for example, to output the status in some debug UI. 



Do you have any ideas how I can fix my problems? It is really important for me and my thesis in University.


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Sorry for the late reply, but you should check out our article that elaborates on using Unity's NavMesh:


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