Showing a pink thing on cylinder target


I just created a cylinder target for unity and vuforia. Everything was fine but now vuforia is showing the objects that i maded and a pink thing on cylinder target.

thank for help

cyindrical target recognition is way off image target

Hi, similar to this thread:


I have 4 or 5 stars when using image target, but 0 stars when using a cylindrical target. I tried to use the image target as make my AR cylinder adjusted meshes, but AR gets really jumpy in some frames.


Any idea on how to adjust to get a better tacking in cylindrical target?


Could you please share via dm the image and the cylinder target created via Target Manager?

Thank you.

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I have an identical problem. When I use Image recognition I have 5 stars and everything works normally but with the cylinder I have 4 stars and only after I added the sticker on the back and otherwise I had 3 stars. But it doesn't work the way I expected. I beg you for help.

Hi Kukac, no problem. Hopefully someone at vuforia can share some insights on how to correct this, as it stands I'm still missing 10% off my project and for sure can't deliver as is.


Dealing with short cylinder targets

I posted this into the Unity section of the forums but it might make more sense being here.

I'm wanting to use a cylinder target for tracking an object - but the cylinder is quite short; shaped like this:

 Image removed.

It only has a texture on the side - so when I try and and set this up as a Vuforia Cylinder target, the side image comes out super pixelated. This means that it can't be tracked well at all. The image I put into Vuforia was 18316 x 700 but Vuforia processing brings it down to 512 x 16. 


Is there any tips or tricks would be helpful in setting this up as a good cylinder target that will allow for more detail? Are we able to split up cylinder targets to half-cylinders to maximize the marker detail? Worst case scenario I can try using lots of image targets to make up the cylinder but I'd imagine the stability wouldn't be as good.

Hi, provided details in

Thank you.

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Can we save Cylinder Targets in Cloud Database?

Hi everyone,

It seems the Cloud database can only accept and store Image Targets. 1. Is it possible to add a Cylinder Target to a Cloud database?

2. If this is not possible- are there APIs to access and manipulate Device database?

Thank you.

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Unfortunately Cloud Recognition was designed to work only with Image Targets.


Fri, 08/09/2019 - 05:05

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Thank you Mcotora

The Cylinder tracking is great for renderings videos over wine bottle, can and jar labels.
I have an app that does this but for every new label, I have to manually add the image and cylinder sizes to the Device Database via Vuforia's website target manger.


Unfortunately, we currently *do not* offer RESTful APIs for managing Cylinder targets. This feature is only offered for Cloud services.

We'll continue to escalate this feature request to the product team for consideration. Apologies for any inconvenience.



Mon, 08/12/2019 - 03:41

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Okay thanks.
Is there a limit on how many records can be saved in a Device Database?

Never mind, I found the the limit to be 1000 or less is good for Device database.

Cylinder dataset loading


I am dynamically loading a dataset containing cylinder targets. The dataset is loaded correctly, but the database and cylinder targets fields remain empty.

The loading with a simple image targets dataset is working very good but I can't figure it out why it is not working with cylinders !

Has anyone ever encountered this kind of issue ?

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How are you importing the Cylinder target's device database? If you've done it via the Unity Editor (i.e. Assets->Import Package->Custom Package...), then these fields *should* be populated.


I am importing the cylinder targets using the API.

How is it possible to achieve this? I need to be able to update the database when my application is starting. 

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How different do similar targets need to be?

Hello! At the moment I have two cylinder targets that are pretty similar. They share the same logo but have a different heading. My question is is how different to targets have to be for Vuforia to know 100% which ones which? Because at the moment its get them mixed up and uses the wrong target. Cheers!


I wish I could provide you with a definitive answer, but there is no way to quantify it.

Can you share the targets for me to take a look? Perhaps there are some simple steps that could be taken to differentiate them.


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Cylinder vs Image target



I'm trying to track a bottle label and can't get satisfying results.


When I use image tracking I'm getting really good image detection. Like 90% of the time it catches the label straight after pointing the camera on it. But it has horrible tracking afterwards. My virtual object is shaking and dropping so much that it's unacceptable, even with smooth camera script.

When I use the same label but as a cylinder target I'm getting ultra bad detection, close to 5% succes rate, which is unacceptable as well. However when it eventually does detect the label, the virtual content sticks to it like it was nailed. I can rotate the bottle, shake the camera etc and it will still be right there.


I've noticed that when I upload the image to my cylinder target it always gets scaled down and pixelated, like it was 50% of the native resolution, it looks like this both in target manager and in unity scene. Is it only scaled so it doesn't take up much space on vuforia's hosting, or is it the image that is being tracked afterwards - which looks a lot different to the real label. I've tried doubling the resolution of my image before uploading and it doesn't change a thing, always getting scaled to ultra bad.


Does anyone have hints?




Strange that you're seeing such a noticeable performance difference between the two as they tech behind them works on similar principles.

Can you share the target (source image) with me for further analysis?


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Wrong shape

please look at the numbers and look at the shape of this figure. (attached image)

thats not a cylinder

I dont understand


This looks to be a bug in the Target Manager's visualization for cylinder targets. I'll make the team aware.

Please let me know if this affects your ability to create the target and/or download the device database.


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Video Over Cylinder Target

Hello. I want to play local video over cylinder target using native iOS sdk. I am getting the video fram totally wrong as video is playing at the bottom of the cylinder with 90 rotation. Can anyone help me here ? Thanks

Problem on placing multiple cylinder target on single scene


    I am trying to place multiple cylinder target on single scene. after placing 2 cylinders i hit play. the object is recognize but the texture is showing somewhere else in the scene and it's not visible in game screen. i attached the screenshot please find the attachment. please help me to solve this issue