Vuforia Model Target Generator

The Model Target Generator is a Windows desktop application that allows you to quickly create targets from pre-existing 3D models. The Model Target Generator supports popular formats including .obj, .fbx, .pvz, .stl, .igs, .dae, .stp, and .vrml. Learn more.

The Model Targets Test App is an Android mobile application that provides an easy way to validate your target. After you install the Test App, simply side load your Model Target and test the app against the physical object. The Model Target Test App comes preconfigured with a 3D model of the Viking Lander. You can get a 3D-printable model of the Viking Lander here.

Note 1: The Model Target test app supports Android devices running Android 5 and later.

Note 2: In order to create Model Targets for apps built using Vuforia Engine 7.2, download and use the compatible MTG 7.2 (legacy).

Vuforia VuMark Designer

The VuMark Designer allows you to create your own VuMark using Adobe® Illustrator®. VuMarks are completely customizable and designing them is easy. First, select an encoding type based on the type of data that you want to encode, such as a URL or serial number. Next, create a custom design around a logo or image of your choice. Finally, upload your exported VuMark to the target manager and generate as many as you need. Learn more in the Design Guide.

Adobe and Illustrator are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.

Vuforia Object Scanner

The Vuforia Object Scanner allows you to create a target by scanning an object with an Android device. Simply install the app, place an object on the Vuforia scanning target, and start the scan. The app gives you real-time visual feedback on the scan progress and target quality and establishes a coordinate system so that you can build immersive experiences with precisely aligned digital content. The test mode allows you to evaluate the recognition and tracking quality within the app before you start any development. Complete instructions can be found in the guide.

Note:  the Vuforia Object Scanner is supported on the devices listed here. 

Vuforia Calibration Assistant

The Vuforia Calibration Assistant allows multiple users to create personalized calibration profiles for an optical see-through digital eyewear device. A calibration profile accounts for a user’s unique facial geometry and ensures the accurate registration of content to the real world. Complete instructions can be found in the guide.

Note: the Vuforia Calibration Assistant is for use with the following optical see-through devices: ODG-R7 and Epson BT-200.