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Vuforia Model Target Generator

The Model Target Generator (MTG) is a desktop application that allows you to quickly convert an existing 3D model into a Vuforia Engine dataset. This dataset can be used to create either a single view Model Target, or one that offers automatic recognition and supports multiple models and views.

MTG enables you to confirm whether the features of your model will be useable, to set-up the initial snapping position, and then export the final dataset. There is also the option to train your dataset through our deep learning framework for automatic recognition. The Model Target Generator supports popular formats including .obj, .fbx, .pvz, .stl, .igs, .dae, .stp, and .vrml. Learn more.

The Model Target Test App is an Android mobile application that provides an easy way to validate your target. After you install the Test App, simply side load your Model Target and test the app against the physical object. The Model Target Test App comes preconfigured with a 3D model of the Viking Lander. You can get a 3D-printable model of the Viking Lander here.

Note 1: The Model Target test app supports Android devices running Android 5 and later.

Vuforia Offline Model Target Generator

The Offline Model Target Generator is a command line tool that can be used to generate untrained Model Targets as part of a scripted toolchain. It supports signing Model Targets using OAuth credentials, Engine login credentials, or with a special token for on-premises, air gapped scenarios. Advanced Model Targets and Simplification are not supported. For on-premises, air-gapped scenarios, there’s an approval process that requires contacting Engine support.

Vuforia Area Target Generator

The Area Target Generator (ATG) is a desktop application that allows you to convert a 3D scan of an environment into a Vuforia Engine dataset. This dataset can be used as Area Target in a Vuforia application to recognize a specific environment and to augment it with information placed in 3D.

ATG will download your scan using provided credentials and generate a Vuforia dataset for both native and Unity application development. More detailed information can be found on the ATG guide.

The Area Targets Test App is an application that can load an Area Target from the apps file-space on the device. Detailed instructions on how to copy the Area Target into the proper folder can be found here. The Test App is provided as an Android pre-built mobile application that can be installed directly to a device. For iOS and the Hololens we recommend to use the provided Unity Projects which can be used to deploy the app to your device.

NOTE: The Area Targets Test App does not contain a target to detect an area, you will need to generate one using the ATG tool first.

NOTE: The pre-built Android Area Targets Test App supports devices running Android 5 and later.

Vuforia Creator

The Vuforia Creator application is an essential companion for anyone developing Augmented Reality (AR) applications using Vuforia Engine. It enables users to scan and test Area Targets, test Model Targets, and record sessions that can be played back during development for testing.


Key Functionality Includes:

  • Scan an environment and instantly generate Area Targets with a depth-enabled iPad Pro device
  • Test the detection and tracking quality of Area Targets and Model Targets
  • Import, share, or delete datasets in the new Asset Browser
  • Record sessions/walkthroughs to aid in off-site development, complete with video and six degrees of freedom (6DOF) pose data

Note: Currently only iPad devices are supported.



Download from the Apple App Store

Vuforia VuMark Designer

The VuMark Designer allows you to create your own VuMark using Adobe® Illustrator®. VuMarks are completely customizable and designing them is easy. First, select an encoding type based on the type of data that you want to encode, such as a URL or serial number. Next, create a custom design around a logo or image of your choice. Finally, upload your exported VuMark to the target manager and generate as many as you need. Learn more in the Design Guide.

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