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Excellent Android App with AR

October 27, 2011 - 11:42pm #1

Hi Guys,

i give you a link for excellent application for Android that use Qualcomm Ar. it is free..

Please let excellent review....

Bubble - God of Weather


Rain - God of Weather


Snow - God of Weather


Sand - God of Weather





The latest augmented reality apps are now ready for sale in the Android Market one of the most interesting and innovative picture snapper of 2011.
With God of Weather the weather is just on the touch of your hand using your Android device you can generate any weather condition in your favorite picture and in real time just meanwhile you are taking the picture..Walk, turn , move up or down your Android device and see how each particle is perfectly suited to its surroundings, merging with the real elements and deceiving the human eye.How it works? Simple than you think ... moving your Android device you can simply give the direction of the weather effects like when you see outside the windows or watch up to you and you will see snow , rain or other weather condition in front of you or watching you feet become wet by the rain.
With an easy to use user interface with a simple key pressed you can change your weather conditions in your home , outside the windows or whanever scenario you can snap it.With a simple pressing of a button you can snap a picture with any envoirment conditions and situation saving picture in your album ready to be shared.

Soap bubbles
Ability to save screenshots with one touch action
Are you ready to became Thor with a simple touch of your finger?

Re: Excellent Android App with AR

October 30, 2011 - 7:23am #2

I don't see how this app is using QCAR. It seems that it just relies on the accelerometer and not a marker to get the camera orientation.

I downloaded a game once which uses this technique to create "Augmented Reality". I put this in brackets because it's user experience is pretty bad. The accelerometer output is jittery and to dampen that you have to use a low pass filter. This creates a noticeable delay between the camera movement and the 3d content. Furthermore, it suffers from "wandering" as the 3d content is not referenced to a real world object. All in all, the accelerometers make really bad inertial reference/navigation systems. They just aren't accurate enough.

So in my opinion, if you want to use AR, then using markers (or marker-less if features from the live camera stream are tracked such as with PTAM) are the way to go.

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