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Model Target 8.5 with Hololens 1

October 8, 2019 - 7:46am #1

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I tried the 8.5 engine and still have difficulties with the Hololens.

I placed the model in the generator so that it fills the shape of the hololens field of view but when I generate the guide views it tells me the model is too far... I trained the model successfully anyway and imported it in Unity. There, it works fine in play mode with my laptop webcam, but not at all with the "remote to device" method with the hololens.

So I built the project and installed it on the hololens. It starts, no guide view appears, I look at my model, it crashes.

I remember having spent time to find the good position in the generator with previous engine versions (closer but not as much as for a phone), but it's really time consuming (more now with the training) and also with your MT quota it's not viable. I may need 5 trials to make 1 work, when my quota is of 10 MT and 20 trainings...

Could you explain more precisely how to develop for Hololens please ?



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