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Problem with Modeltarget train in HoloLens

March 11, 2019 - 1:15am #1

There are some problems with the GuideView  in Hololens.

When I Chose 2d GuideView in unity.  I couldn't  see the guideview in hololens. but  sometimes from special pointView.  it realised the recognition in HoloLens. but it was not convenient.  The ratio of successful recognition was low.

When I Chose 3d GuideView in unity.  the guideview appearesd in the view of HoloLens.  The size of the 3D guideview  got bigger and I can only saw part of the 3D guide view which was less than half.   it also realised  the recogition.  however ,the model  was far away from the real object. I use the MTG to creat database.and the size of model is same as the real object .

could you tell me how to solve it?

Problem with Modeltarget train in HoloLens

March 13, 2019 - 1:08pm #3

Hello @flyskykkk,

Please note that the Model Target Generator offers a HoloLens option when creating the Detection Position. This takes into account the HL's unique field of view when creating the Model Target's guide view.


However, creating a new Detection Position in the Model Target Generator will also incur the overhead for training the Model Target again. To avoid the overhead, here is a practical workaround that can be done in your Unity Project to move the guide view either closer or further away. This will work for trained and untrained Model Targets:

  1. Close the Unity Project
  2. Open your Model Target device database's XML file. All Vuforia device databases imported into a project can be found here: Assets/StreamingAssets/Vuforia/
  3. Look for the XML tag/s called "EntryPoint". There could be more than one depending upon how many guide views were created during authoring.
  4. Within the EntryPoint tag, you'll find the "translation" attribute represented by three (3) float values in X, Y, Z-axis order.
  5. Edit the third (3rd) float value, the Z-axis value, to adjust the guide view to be closer or further away. Decreasing the value will bring it closer, and increasing will push it further away. As these values are specified in meters, I would only make small value changes during experimentation. When I tested this out, I added/subtracted in 0.20 increments to make small scaling adjustments.

For these updated values to be used by Vuforia you'll need to rebuild the project.

The advantage of the technique above is that you won't need to create/train a new Model Targets device database if your app will run on mobile devices and HoloLens.


Vuforia Engine Support

Problem with Modeltarget train in HoloLens

March 13, 2019 - 6:22am #2

You have to adjust the 3D GuideView in Unity so you model fits the screen. Your model will appear at the distance shown in the GuideView

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