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First augmented reality app rejected

September 27, 2015 - 1:53pm #1

Hi everybody. I'm publishing my first app for iOS. Before I published the same app in Play Store and all were ok, but I'm getting this message from Apple:

2.12 - Apps that are not very useful, unique, are simply web sites bundled as Apps, or do not provide any lasting entertainment value may be rejected 
2.12 Details

We found that the usefulness of your app is limited by the minimal amount of content it includes. Specifically, your app only includes the augmented reality feature.
Also, it would be appropriate to implement Instructions within the app on how to use the app and with markers available within the app. 
Additionally, how can the users obtain markers? 
Next Steps
We encourage you to review your app concept and incorporate different content and features that are in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines.
We understand that there are no hard and fast rules to define useful or entertaining, but Apple and Apple customers expect apps to provide a really great user experience. Apps should provide valuable utility or entertainment, draw people in by offering compelling capabilities or content, or enable people to do something they couldn't do before or in a way they couldn't do it before.

What do I have to do? My client requires the app on AppleStore.

Thanks in advance

First augmented reality app rejected

February 7, 2018 - 9:46am #6

I solved this issue checking just my country for the app location. I'm from Brazil, so I just check brazil as the store from my app and it was approved by apple.

First augmented reality app rejected

September 27, 2017 - 4:30pm #5

Hi HorstSchel, how are you? I had a very alike message from apple, even if explined that the app only make sense for this simple AR experience. How you did to improve the app? i looked everywhere for tuts but they only expline how to create an app from scratch, from nothing. I want to improve the build that unity creates, but is really hard to find how to do it, what you think, is better to do it rigth there in unity or xcode? thanks a lot!

First augmented reality app rejected

August 1, 2016 - 10:05pm #4

Hi All,


I had created my 1st AR App recently, and my original concept to build this AR app is for interactive with my 2 paper items which had been selling through my online store.


After i submitted to App store, i was rejected 5 times and now i still try to overcome with App Store....


The feedback from App store is:


"Where in the App we can trigger the AR functionality? How the user access the AR function?"


I had explained to their review team, this app were used to interactive with my existed items and i had provided a button can let the user to download the demo target image and let the user can experience how this app with my items can bring them an interesting result.


Also i had mentioned this app were used to interactive with my items and i will feel difficult if request me to upload all AR marker to the App and can let the user download all AR markers, since this is totally different from my original concept if the user only download the AR marker to play, but not necessary to play with my items.


My App is free for download and what I want is the user can have more fun through operate with my AR App and inactive with my items.


I am wondering if the products with AR marker and for sell in the retail market, how the developer handle the App submission process to App store?


Will the developer accept to upload the AR marker and let the user download the AR marker  to play , but not necessary to buy the existed products too?


Anyone can share the opinion or suggestion?





First augmented reality app rejected

May 17, 2016 - 2:36am #3

Hey vpintom,

Have you had any luck on publishing to the iOS store yet?

I've received the same rejection letter and do not know how to proceed to getting the AR app on the app store . 


Thanks and Regards,

Darryn Smith

First augmented reality app rejected

September 29, 2015 - 10:07am #2
Hi, include some help for the user, how to get the marker and how to use  app. try to extend functionality with more features, then submit again.
I once had the same problem, because it was only an(augmented) 3d yacht displayed. Nothing more, which is not enough for apple.
I had other AR apps in the app store with a bit more functionality like triggering animations etc....and they werde approved instantly. Cheers
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