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Load Dataset from Android APK Expansion Pack

Dear guys,

I'm gonna separate the dataset and all the graphic assets to external storage (SD). As you may know, Google Play supports for APK Expansion Pack wich allows you to pack your large files into a Zip package and can be downloaded separately. The problem is, when the expansion pack is downloaded in Java you can easily read the Zip file  but how can it be implemented in native codes?


// Get a ZipResourceFile representing a specific expansion file

ZipResourceFile expansionFile = new ZipResourceFile(filePathToMyZip);

// Get an input stream for a known file inside the expansion file ZIPs

InputStream fileStream = expansionFile.getInputStream(pathToFileInsideZip);



Code above shows how to read the Zip file in Java. 

  • Is it possible to load dataset from InputStream in C++?
  • Where is the best place (outside of the APK) to store the dataset files?
  • Is it possible to pass the InputStream or the dataset files from Java to native codes?


Thanks in advance Image removed.