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GUI workflow for Noobs

Hello community, I am currently experimenting with Vuforia, Unity and Playmaker with moderate success. The Vuforia is working fine but I am really struggling to get any form of GUI script to render within a Vuforia app.

I just want to add a graphic or geometry start button to trigger my animations which is parented or rendered through my camera, my preferred choice for control is playmaker as my scripting sucks.

I have the same problem with prefabs like joystick controls aswell which work fine without Vuforia.

Is there a dark art to this and any suggested work arounds?

many thanks in advance

Hi steeleyboy

One thng you could do is look at the CameraDeviceMenu.cs that comes with Vuforia for Unity for the Image Targets sample

Basically this handles the GUI on top of the app and allows the user to interact and change various settings.


Tue, 07/10/2012 - 01:55

Hi Nalin

Thanks for your reply, I took your advice but built the environment clean from scratch which solved my issue. I must have missed something in my install! DUH!

Thanks Mate