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MultiTarget overlapping problem

I'm trying to track a real object using MultiTarget so I placed the images from the front, from the sides at 45deg and from the top at 45deg and the setup looks like this:


I have disabled their mesh renderers so they are not displayed while the program is running.

Problem is that tracking is very bad, it seems like qcar can't see real camera image for analysis because image targets are covering it or something like that so I was wondering is there a way how this setup could work.

I'm using iPad3 and latest version of Unity and Vuforia.

Hi Renesis,

The image tracking is based on whether QCAR can recognise each image that constitutes a multi-target.

In your case it seems that your shape is not a cube/cuboid and 3 of the 4 images are intersecting so maybe that is why there is a problem.

Unfortunately, I can't modify the device that I have to track so I can't add good trackable markers.

And I would really like to know why is the overlapping problem happening .