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Neat way to load a new AR scene in Unity



I am building an AR application for children in the style of a pop-up book.

Actually I am using just one trackable to do all, so there is no actual physical book. Kids "turn pages" by touching a button.

My first approach to deal with the different book pages was to create a scene for each one of them and then loading them with the Application.LoadLevel function once the kid touch the turn page button.

All is working correctly, however I didn´t consider that when loading a scene a black screen appears and the screen get frozen for some seconds before the new scene, so that effect is  undesired for me, because I want to create a more fluid way to show the scene associated with the new scene.


Do you have any ideas to overcome that and create a more fluid "turning page effect"?

I was thinking in attaching all the objects of a particular scene to an empty object and render it once the kids turn the page.

Another way I am thinking is to instantiate the objects and render everything as needed, but that will be a bit difficult to maintain if I want to move the positions or rotation, as it would be necessary to modify everything inside the code.


Any ideas, proposals are very welcome!!

Thanks a lot!