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Various bugs with CameraDevice.Instance.Stop()

Would it be possible to fix these? A new feature in my application UCS relies this it a lot. -If CameraDevice.Instance.Stop() is called, and the remained stopped for a few seconds, it introduces a significant latency between real camera movement and updating of the camera texture. Tested on Transformer Prime. -CameraDevice.Instance.Stop() doesn't disable the video feed and the marker tracking data exactly at the same time. There is a lag between the two causing pose errors when freezing the frame during camera movement. -When CameraDevice.Instance.Stop() is called, it doesn't freeze the video and marker data right away. There is a small time delay.

I found another bug with CameraDevice.Instance.Stop(). If you freeze the scene, then press the device home button (Android 4) with the app running in the background. Then enter the app again so it continues where it is running.


Tue, 11/27/2012 - 03:19

It is possible to prevent the camera from restarting when returning from an app pause, but this prevents other apps from using the camera while the Vuforia app is backgrounded, which is why we don't support this behavior out of the box.