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Where is positioning in relation to Image Target Handled

As stated in the topic

I have a model showing up which is good. If i look at it from the top then its centered on the image target which is what i want. My problem is that after I change the angle the model moves in a weird way. It shows the model at the angle it is supposed to but it looks like it moves it off of the Image target. For instance i move the phone down so that i can see the model from the front which i do but as i move it down the model slides off of the ImageTarget and more towards me so after a certain point it looks like it off the image target entirely. 

Does the on Tracking found and on Tracking lost function in DefaultTrackableEventHandler handle this or is it some other function deeper in the code.


Thanks for all the help that has been provided so far.

I am using Unity 3.5 and programming on Android. Currently I have found the Position Trackable but I cannot see when it is called as the logs do not print out. Also I am instantiating all my models dynamically if that has anything to do with this.