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Virtual button trigger animation

Hello all,


I have a question about virtual buttons. I want to start an animation on my cube object.

Now I have this script:

using UnityEngine;

using System.Collections;


public class VirtualButtonHandler : MonoBehaviour, IVirtualButtonEventHandler{


    private GameObject cube;


// Use this for initialization

void Start () {

// Register with the virtual buttons TrackableBehaviour

        VirtualButtonBehaviour[] vbs = GetComponentsInChildren<VirtualButtonBehaviour>();

        for (int i = 0; i < vbs.Length; ++i)





        // Get handle to the teapot object

        cube = GameObject.Find("cube").gameObject;




    // Called when the virtual button has just been pressed:

    public void OnButtonPressed(VirtualButtonBehaviour vb)




        // Add the material corresponding to this virtual button

        // to the active material list:

        switch (vb.VirtualButtonName)


            case "green":


cube.animation.wrapMode = WrapMode.Once;






    // Called when the virtual button has just been released:

    public void OnButtonReleased(VirtualButtonBehaviour vb)



        // Remove the material corresponding to this virtual button

        // from the active material list:

        switch (vb.VirtualButtonName)


            case "green":







And dragged it onto the virtual button.

When I test the app the cube is displayed but the animation is not triggered when I push the virtual button.

Did I forget something or is the script not correct?


Thanks in advise.


Mon, 07/09/2012 - 16:13

Yes confirm that the name is defined and also that your VB event handler is attached to the parent ImageTarget  - not the VB itself.

You'll also want to check within the event handler to confirm that the names correspond.


the button is called green everywere and my structure is: 

-AR camera

-directional light

-imagetarget (virtualbuttoneventhandler)



it seems to be that the script is not correctly loading: 


Tue, 07/10/2012 - 00:39

Had you once used a version of this script that did not derive from MonoBehaviour, or another script on ImageTargets that did not derive from MonoBehaviour?

That error is associated w/ a known Unity bug.

see: https://fogbugz.unity3d.com/default.asp?402166_um9ahlcplpdpe9bv

I dont know what are you talking about the mono behiavour.... i compiled 4 or 5 proyects using just animations but never with VB. 

the proyect runs but the button doesnt do anything, reimported everything but still the same notice... here are some specs:


If you look at the image below you see that I named the button in the inspector pane on two places at the top and at Virtual Button Behaviour (Script). That's important to get the button to work.