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[Danger. Noob] Does the recognition of images depends on the color?

Hello everyone.

I am iOS developer and I am very interesting in use Vuforia.

I have a project and I want to know if Vuforia image recognition depends of colors.

I try to explain.

I want to recognize a .... truck, a concret model of truck. This truck have some different colors.


Have I to upload every image with every truck with different color? (red truck, blue truck, ...etc)


Recognizes Vuforia  the truck regardless of color ?


Thanks in advance.


As long as the design of the pattern you are recognizing does not change then the color of that pattern will not matter. Creating one Trackable will allow each color variation of the pattern to be detected.


Tue, 07/03/2012 - 17:41

One tip - convert your colored truck versions to greyscale to analyze them. You'll want the greyscale versions to match as closely as possible, in order to obtain consistent detection and tracking performance among the truck instances.