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new Forum bugs

-Forum is ULTRA slow.

-[CODE] doesn't work

-Thread shows 1 reply for the first post. Should be 0 replies. 

Code formatting for new posts doesn't work.

The tread reply number both at the top of the Thread page and the main topic page is incorrect. 

- new posts on top? makes it hard to follow a thread because you have to scroll from the bottom up if you want to read all posts

- mark read -> new posts -> you'll get a list of old messages

-New posts on the bottom please. 1+ for that one. The old style was better. Please don't go the Microsoft style and change an interface because you think people will be more happy with it. They will not. 
-Quote and image tags don't work. Edit: change [CODE] to [code]?...

Search is also broken




Search should work better now. Please let me know if you are still experiencing problems.

Thank you,


What is the status on fixing the text formatting issue? If I try to edit an old post, it removes all the enters so the whole post becomes one big text blob. Rich text/non rich text doesn't make a difference.

This is the most annoying bug by far.