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Vuforia Web Services

Can you explain the advantage of VWS in Detail? Can we then create Trackables at runtime without Target-Management-System?

Hi Russell

VWS is under wraps for the moment, save for the details you may have seen in videos or read in the press releases.


Hi Russell

A few more answers:

Note that this feature is officially Cloud REco. Visual search is simply one application use case of Cloud Reco.



Mon, 07/16/2012 - 05:09

I want to create AR Magazine and will be launch at September 1 . Can i use VWS before that time ?

The only thing I can suggest is to follow the links and apply to be considered for the beta.


I have created my cloud database also then  i am not able to recognize my images what i have uploaded.  plz suggest me that how to recognize our own image in database.

For the VWS API, you can check our dev guide and our samples:


Hi, hte VWS samples are just meant to show how to upload and retrieve Image targets from your Database, running from your PC (not from your phone);

you can think of them as an administrator tool to manage your Cloud Reco Databases;

Thanks Alassender


But the problem is that i have passed all the keys in cloud reco,and created database also then it is noot stll recognising,


Hi, I have replied to your other Post in here:


Please follow up there, so we can avoid duplicating the threads on the same topic (CloudReco).