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Integrating into an existing app

How would one go about integrating the QCAR library into an existing application on the iOS?

Hi sbhuiyan

This is such a wide ranging and application specific question that could have many different answers.

Essentially the samples show the key things that Vuforia does:

Hello N,

Thank you for your quick response. Would you mind explaining what the 3D pose/matrix is and where I could find it in the example code? 


hi sbhuiyan

If you look in the EAGLView.mm of the Image Targets app the code that tracks and renders is in renderFrameQCAR()

The pose or model view matrix give the position of the trackable.  You can google "model view matrix" for more background info:

Thanks! This thread was quite helpful. 

So when I integrate I seem to be getting this read out on my terminal: 

2012-07-11 10:48:09.407 Atlas[14557:707] APPSTATUS_INITED

Hello N!


Thank you for your help. I thought that was something I had covered but upon double checking it, I found that I was wrong.


Hi sbhuiyan

In the sample code, the EAGLView contains the OpenGL ES Context into which the camera feed an 3D objects are drawn.

The RenderFrameQCAR is the loop called each frame and it shows that the camer feed is drawn first, with the 3D objects after.

One option might be to look at OverlayViewController.mm  

...as this kind of controls things like changing datasets at the moment, and it provides a UI with buttons.



Hey, so I got the video feed up.

But now in landscape mode the video takes up half the screen and the orientation is set to the side.

Any ideas?

So I saw this method on the image targets example app and I had that replicated in my own application. However, this orientation issue still exists.

If I force the device orientation into portrait and then back into landscape when AR is activated, the model fixes itself.  As does the camera orientation