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[Noob] How to use my own trackables? I can´t do it :(

Hello all.


I make a multitarget trackable.

I download and I unzip it.

I obtaind mytrac.xml and mytrac.dat

I copy the files into the project, in the root path.

What steps I must follow?

I change all appareances of "FlakesBox" to "mytrac".  But, I obtained "Failed to load dataset".  Why?


All ideas are welcome.


Please, I need help 




Sun, 07/08/2012 - 22:48

Woo! Thanks Nalins

I also had this problem, I'd drag/dropped the .xml and .dat files into the Assets folder in xcode and it seemed to be in my project so I couldn't understand the problem. It wasn't in the build phases tho, so I added it and now it works