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QCAR memory leaks

hi, im in the final stages of polishing up my app for submission to app store.

im going through and making sure there are no leaks in my app but im seeing quite a lot leaks springing up from QCAR.

using xcode instruments on ImageTargets example, im getting the same results.


they seem to start from,

[QCARutils initQCAR]


[QCARutils loadDataSet:]


this leads me to believe its something internal to QCAR.

also instruments seems to think the leaked object is either QCAR::Area or QCAR::Rectangle


could you please advise if there is anything i can do from my end?

i need to get these leaks fixed before submitted my app, otherwise it might not pass the approval process.




Hi Lukasz

This seems strange as I have just run the leaks profiler on Imaget Targets "out of the box" over a period of 2 minutes and here are my obesrvations:


thx for looking into this.

im also running out of the box ImageTargets example and can confirm im receiving the same results you have mentioned.


my app also accesses the camera pixels to do some further computer vision processing...

Hi Lukasz

So the core code in Image Targets should be fine (enough), so it must be related to the code you have added.

Two things spring to mind:


sorry for the radio silence, been busy on other work and have just come back to this issue...

to replicate the leak please insert these lines of code in the ImageTargets example right at the end of 
- (void)renderFrameQCAR

hi again,

just thought id touch base again to see if you have any solution for this leak...

i need to get my app into the app store quite soon and i can't do it until i can patch this leak.

Sorry, no news as yet.

Currently AFAIK this is the only way to get access to the camera pixels.

Appreciate the need to get the app into the store, but not quite sure what you can do here.

Will let you know if/when there is any news here.


hi there,

its been a few months and just wondering if any progress has been made with this issue?
ive had to disable the computer vision features in my app. 
im keen to finally add it back in but still waiting on this issue to be fixed.


Hi julapy,

This should be fixed in the next release which will be out in the "fall".



Hi julapy,

This should be fixed in the next release which will be out in the "fall".




Hi Nalin,

Can you confirm that 2.0.32 or earlier fixes this?

= MoSR =