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Weird Triangles


I have been experimenting with the ImageTargets project in hopes of loading my own model. Using an obj2openGL by heikobehrens, I have made a .h file and I have gotten something to load that is not a teapot. However, whatever wraps around it has empty triangles inside and I cannot decide whether it is my texture files (I have tried actual textures, the teapot textures and a plain red png) or if it is my .h file. 

I've attached a screenshot in hopes to better demonstrate my bug.


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Thu, 07/05/2012 - 20:13

What you're describing may arise from either model triangulation or the direction of the winding of the triangles. OpenGL ES only supports triangles (not quads). Make sure you have triangulated the model, any 3D modeling software should be able to do this.

Thanks! I don't think its the direction of the winding triangles problem but I will attempt to fix via triangulation. I will update you if it works!

Just wondering if my screenshot showed up for anyone else cz its not showing up when I view my OP. 


I added as an image [img] using the button on the formatting bar.