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Framemarker occulsion

Hi there - i did a proof-of-concept using frame markers a while ago using the QCAR SDK while it was in BETA. I've recently returned back to that project, and am updating it to work under the Vuforia SDK.

I happened to notice in the release notes that there were enhancements to frame marker tracking allowing tracking to continue even when the marker is partially occluded, and to support this, I needed to use the new frame marker design.

The problem however, is that even after updating to the new frame marker, the engine loses my trackable even after the most miniscule occlusion. Is there anything else I need to do to take advantage of partially occluded frame marker tracking?




Hi Xerxes

I just checked, and there was an improvement in the handling of partial occlusion, but Frame Markers do have this inherent limitation because there is not enough redundancy in their design, say when compared to ImageTargets.

Thanks Nalin,

If that was the case, what occlusion improvements were made to framemarkers?



It was meant to be that if you partially obscure a corner then it should still be able to recognise the Frame Marker, but as you may have noticed it may not be that noticeable...