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Qualcomm Sesame Workshop

Hi all,

I've seen this impressive demo of the Qualcomm and Sesame Workshop (https://www.multivu.com/mnr/54111-qualcomm-sesame-workshop-prototype-playset-demonstration-at-ces-2012). As far as I know and I've researched on this page and forum, the current release of Vuforia does not support tracking 3D objects (except for boxes of course). My first question is: is this still true? The second one is: How is the Sesame Workshop done? Have you used an unreleased version of the software on that, or are you using a standard 2d image recognition method on the crazy patterns all over the 3D objects?



PS: I already had an account on this site, but lost the password. Unfortunately it won't let me reset the password. Everytime I click the reset link in the email and enter a new password, it says the password cannot be reset and I should try again. Thank.

Hi David

Yes you are correct.

Currently Vuforia does not support 3D tracking. The Sesame Street app was an R&D demo.


Wed, 07/04/2012 - 19:03

Hi Nalin,

thanks for your quick response. I suppose there are no definite plans if and when this will be released to public?