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Vuforia API 500 Error

Hello. We are getting problem with Vuforia API, to uploading markers into Cloud based database.  When we uploading marker image using API call, we are getting 500 Server Error.  But the same marker is uploading without any problem from target Manager.  This is happening only few times(not for all marker).  Here is marker specifications:  Resolution - 1180x1775 (96dpi) Name - HEXY5lM3TyOnLl0C.jpg Size - 385Kb  Bit depth 24 We are not getting any message about the reason. Please help to understand what is the problem?

The issue happening on specific images(no idea what is difference).  I will send you one of them when will get that problem again. 


looking on the picture - it contains different gemetrical solids / prmitives in a table and text. Is the  whole picture (text with table and pictures of solids) the target or only the pictures for specific gemetrical solid ( prism ) is used as target?

Yes it is very strange. same image wihout any changes can be uploaded via developer portal. 
but with api call  it give 500 error. 
I will be able to provide the call function code later today.