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Test UWP sample with Visual Studio 2019 on Surface Go 2



I'm using Vuforia  SDK10.3.2 and Visual Studio 2019,

and I trying to develop an app for Sorface Go 2 with Windows 10.


When I run the UWP sample on my coputer I found one error:



I suppose that one laptop is not suitable for these kinds of applications.

I tried to execute the exe file, on my Surface Go 2 but the program don't find some dlls.

What is the reason for this? Because when I test it in VisualStudio it works fine.


When I compile the UWP sample in the Surface Go 2, and I test it, I find the same error.



Does anybody have any suggestions?



Hey there,


Can you confirm that you used the following steps highlighted in the documentation: https://library.vuforia.com/getting-started/getting-started-vuforia-engine-windows-10-development


Kind regards,

Patrick Scheper



Yes, I do.


I found this Thread on forum:



This Thread started in 2017,

Has anyone made any progress?