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Integrity check between the model target and the real world object



I did not want to "necropost" this thread from 2 years ago : (https://developer.vuforia.com/forum/model-targets/detect-difference-between-model-target-and-real-object?sort=2) but my question is pretty much the same : is there any way to detect a difference between a model target and the real world object ? Or maybe try to track only one part (one mesh/object) of the model target, so we can check if we detect it or not if it's missing.

We want to be able to perform an "integrity check" on industrial equipments after they have been put together : verify that no piece is missing and everything is in good condition.

It could also help the user when assembling the equipment by showing the missing parts in a specific color at each step of the instructions.


Right now the only way I can imagine our app is by showing the whole 3D model, so the user has to check by himself if what he sees on screen is different from reality.


Thank you for your time