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Limitation in dimensions of real object


Respected People,

I would like to have some information regarding the limitations of Vuforia model tracking capabilities in HoloLens 2.


1. What should be the minimum dimensions of the real object in all the directions (x,y,z) and the optimal range from which it should be tracked?

2. Can Vuforia track objects that are very small in dimensions, probably like a very small screw or a nut, if yes from what range is it possible?


In nutshell I just want to know the minimum allowable Dimensions and its desirable range estimate for model tracking and augmenting the

3D CAD part on in with minimum possible offset issue.


Please help me with this question and if there is any documentation, please do post me with the link. I understand this is basically to do with the

capability of the HL2 Hardware, but I could not find any documentation regarding this.


Thank you all,


Avinash Shanmugam